Mahonia Nursery

Community Building

We believe that what is good for the earth is good for our communities, and our definition of profit includes actively supporting many community programs, especially those that benefit children and the environment.

2021 Donation to Salem’s Woodscape Park

A few of the oaks we recently donated to the City of Salem’s Woodscape Park that links two neighborhoods and includes a bioswale that controls and cleanses stormwater. The Woodscape Community was planned & developed by Wildwood/Mahonia owner John Miller.

2015 Arbor Day Celebration at Keizer Rapids Park in Keizer, Oregon

As part of our commitment to sustainability and our on-going desire to rescue and preserve Oregon’s native Quercus garryana (White Oak) trees, we at Wildwood, Inc. and Mahonia Vineyards and Nursery, were delighted to donate a select white oak tree this year to the 2015 Arbor Day Celebration at Keizer Rapids Park in Keizer, Oregon. This was a special combined celebration for the students and staff of both Forest Ridge Elementary School and the Optimum Learning Environments Charter School in celebration of Arbor Day 2015.

Two people put a lot of work into making this event successful for these schools. Kevin Pack, a volunteer coordinator for Forest Ridge Elementary and Charter Board President, and Second Grade teacher and Environmental Coordinator for the Optimum Learning Environments Charter School, Laurie Aguirre, visited Mahonia nursery last year and selected a Quercus garryana tree to plant at Keizer Rapids Park for Arbor Day 2015.

R & R Tree Service donated the means to transport the tree from the nursery to Keizer Rapids Park, dig the hole and plant the tree for no charge as well. They will also be the ones caring for the tree.

This tree dedication service helped the Optimum Learning Environments Charter School fulfill two of their three primary teaching strands: environmental stewardship, and civic responsibility. The students, in preparation for the ceremony, studied about the history of the Oak Savannah in Oregon, and how the Kalapuya Native American Indians lived and survived in the Willamette Valley, and their dependence upon the oak savannah in their culture. At the tree dedication, the students gave short speeches about the oak savannah, wrote poems about caring for trees and the environment, and drew illustrations depicting how other flora and fauna interacted with the oak savannah.

To complete the event, the students also sang a song which expressed their thankfulness to all who were responsible for making their 2015 Arbor Day a big success.

The tree dedication ceremony was held at 10:00 AM on the 25th of April, 2015.